Periscope Creative is owned + operated by Scott McFarlane + Chris Cymbalak.  We are a group of filmmakers + photographers with a passion for storytelling through cinematic visuals + emotional connections.  

This dual focus on our work has led to multiple awards among a variety of genres in film + online video.  We credit our creators with having different, yet complementing backgrounds + skill sets – from fine arts + film, graphic design, to journalism + mass communications. 


Our passion for storytelling has taken us around the world.  From the thick Borneo jungle to the ice-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps.  We’ve documented survivors of a new government-funded malaria vaccine in the Democratic Republic of Congo, interviewed WWII survivors in Poland + created tourism videos for Club Med Punta Cana.  In each of these travels we’ve had the opportunity to meet extraordinary people with fascinating life stories.  These unique experiences fuel our creative drive and enforces that fact that we love what we do.

Working with a variety of clients, we create original concepts that strongly connect with brand strategy.  We assemble the best teams for each project and our goal is clear: create memorable, emotional work that fully represents the brand + engages with the target audience.  From concept development through production + final delivery, we make sure your story comes to life.